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EMHI Research focus 

In June 2015, researchers collaborated with the EMHI to conduct market research slated to enhance early detection and to improve patient management of Diabetes.

Dr. Katrina Trammell and Dr. Stephanie Collins, former EMHI Award Winners, as well as Dr. Shawona Daniel of Tuskegee University's School of Nursing, served as practicing clinicians who offered invaluable insight for researchers and market research study participants.

Special thanks to Dr. McBride and Dr. McCane of the Bishop State Community College for hosting the 2015 research team. 

Researchers returned to the Gulf Coast to continue their EMHI research collaboration from April 11 - 17, 2016. Expert panels were convened in multiple states, field home visits with Diabetic patients were held and participant user experience studies were conducted. 

Special thanks are extended from the EMHI to former Mobile, Alabama Mayor Mike Dow, the Board and the Staff of the Alabama Contemporary Arts Center of Mobile, Alabama and to Ms. Emily Blejwas and former US Surgeon General Dr. Benjamin of the Gulf States Health Policy Center and Bayou Clinic Inc. of Bayou La Batre, Alabama for hosting the various meetings. 

The EMHI would like to sincerely thank the Expert Panelists - especially those who are members of the EMHI Nurse Academy of Achievers (Mrs. Peggy Dunning, Mrs. Katina Shinn, and Dr. Stephanie Collins) - and each of the field home visit and user experience research participants - for their support of our combined research effort to decrease the incidence and prevalence of Diabetes. 

In December 2016, the Google Verily Life Sciences research team returned to the Gulf Coast to begin a new user experience venture slated to study Congestive Heart Failure.